Regulatory Services & Independent Agencies

Here at ADMD, we have an unparalleled expertise in regulatory services. Our practice contains services such as structuring of operational procedures in regulated businesses, adaptation for cross-border transactions, compliance requirements for mergers and acquisitions, review and revision of standardized business contracts and formats, assessment of operations, coding, billing, recording and accounting practices. We also offer services for negotiations, settlement and dispute resolution in cases of regulatory investigations or implementation of administrative measures.

Members of ADMD have good and longstanding relationships with independent agencies such as Capital Markets Board, Information Technologies and Communication Agency, Competition Authority, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, Banking Supervision and Regulatory Authority and Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority. We provide effective solutions and create opportunities for our clients seeking to obtain licenses or permissions to operate or engage in business with the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

We also offer administrative and civil litigation services against decisions or measures implemented by independent agencies.