Marriage & Divorce Services

There are approximately 600,000 new marriages in Turkey every year and due to demographics its increasing rapidly. However, there are also approximately 100,000 filings for divorce per year as well.

Since Turkey has restructured its Civil Code in 2001 to contain shared ownership of all assets and property obtained within the marriage (statutory community of property) prenuptial agreements became a subject of interest. Our office has been assisting for drafting and execution of such agreements for our clients. We also assist for filings for marriage by foreigners in Turkey.

Our attorneys assist on issues such as custody of children, distribution of assets, contribution, destitution and precautionary alimony applications, drafting of divorce settlements and filing pre-agreed divorce petitions, use of adultery, abandonment, violence, irreconcilable differences as grounds of divorce, determination and presentation of evidence, filing for protective measures, finalization of divorce rulings and recognition of foreign divorce judgments.