Hospitality, Resort & Timeshare Services

Turkey welcomes around 30 million international tourists every year and it is the 7th most popular tourist location in the world. Turkey offers various features including tourism for the purposes of culture, leisure, health and business in all four seasons.

Hospitality industry contains a wide range of services and needs to tackle many different legal issues as businesses. We assist our clients in this sector from purchasing land and securing permits for hotel development to drafting franchise agreements for chains.

We serve to hotels and resorts, restaurants, night clubs, spas and their service and product suppliers. Our services contain subjects such as drafting, negotiating and execution of franchise and management agreements, structuring of joint ventures, assisting to financing issues, development and planning of projects, construction, land use and zoning issues, issues of employment, drafting of rules for procurement and operational agreements and complex fiduciary, franchise and management litigation.

ADMD has a solid reputation as one of the most prominent and efficient legal service provider for the purposes of hotel franchising and management agreements.