Antidumping & Customs Law

Imports into Turkey may become subject to various antidumping measures. Following adoption of import liberalization policies in 1980's, the need to protect domestic industries from unfair trade practices occurred. Consequently, Turkey enacted various anti- dumping regulations. These regulations are quite complex and applications of measures differ subject to the type of inquiry and products in question.

We offer a wide range of services regarding antidumping inquiries and investigations. We assist our clients to file or defend against any inquiries made, provide our support during investigations (questionnaire submissions, onsite visits etc.) and offer representation for objections and litigation against measures implemented by the relevant administration including any taxes imposed.

On December 31, 1995 the customs union between Turkey and the European Union came into effect. Accordingly, goods can travel between Turkey and members of the European Union without any customs restrictions. However, Turkey's customs applications for other jurisdictions are still in force and there are various exceptions and regulations with respect to customs union application as well.

Due to complexities of customs regulations in Turkey we provide a broad array of services, including customs law advice, assisting with classification, valuation and rule-of-origin issues, implementation of internal compliance programs with Turkish and international import-export control requirements, training, obtaining licenses from various Customs agencies and enforcement proceedings.

We also represent our clients in customs related disputes against measures implemented or fines issued by the customs administrations.