Administrative Law

Turkish judicial system contains a general distinction between private (civil) law affairs and issues in relation with the Government (or the State) and their administrative entities. Accordingly, controversy between individuals or businesses with governmental bodies and regulations involving subjects such as customs, zoning, government sanctions and taxes fall under a special regime governed by administrative procedure and a special court system.

ADMD assists its clients on such administrative matters such as annulment of administrative proceedings and sanctions, objections against Public Procurement Agency decisions, cancellation of tax calculations and fines issued by Revenue Administration, Tax Offices or Customs Administrations, objections against development and housing processes and execution of juridical procedures. We represent our clients before administrative authorities for objections, negotiations or permissions and before administrative courts including the highest administrative court of appeals 'the Council of State' for the purposes of resolving disputes.

Our office provides antitrust, competition, antidumping and customs law services as well. In addition, we also offer representation before various regulatory bodies of independent nature under 'Regulatory Services & Independent Agencies' section overlapping with our administrative law service category.