Dealing with contract drafting, review, execution and enforcement is one of the core practice areas of our law office. ADMD provides numerous contract law related services from initial composing to standardized contractual structure formations. Our lawyers have abundant knowledge for drafting and assessing contracts and providing legal support for dispute resolution as well.

ADMD offers a unique protective approach for its contractual services. We analyze commercial or other considerations of parties involved in broad detail in order to foresee any possible issues, gaps or omission in clear definitions causing future disputes. Although our members refrain from 'over-lawyering' in contract drafting and negotiations, our experience in contract litigation gave us an insight to evaluate even the most negligible issues very carefully.

We also provide services for contracts containing products or services in regulated sectors and we offer our clients the comfort of regulatory compliance and most favorable protection in standardized terms.

Loan Agreements, Real Property Transfer Agreements, Share Transfer Agreements, Merger Contracts, Investment Agreements, Leasing Agreements, Know-How , Debt Restructuring Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Security Agreements, company incorporations and drafting Articles of Associations of such companies.