Our Published Work

Members of ADMD are often asked to participate in legal research and analysis publications and editorials of internationally recognized publication houses. Please find below some examples of published work including contribution from our lawyers.

  • International Succession (Third Edition) Edited by Louis Garb and John Wood, Oxford University Press, 2010.
  • Global E-Business Law & Taxation, Editor in Chief Ana D. Penn, Senior Editor Martha L. Arias, Oxford University Press and IBLS, 2009.
  • Guide to European Company Laws (Third Edition) by Julian Maitland-Walker, Thomson, Sweet & Maxwell, 2007.
  • Tax on Inbound Investment 2012, Editors Peter Mahler and Lew Steinberg, Law Business Research, 2011.
  • Development of e-commerce legislation and taxation of revenues in Turkey by Orhan Yavuz Mavioglu, Tax Planning International Review Volume, 36 Number 8, August 2009, Bureau of National Affairs Inc, 2009.