Logistics, Shipping, Aviation & Transport

We offer a wide range of legal services to shipping, aviation and transport industries. Our clients include airlines, shipping and logistics companies, aircraft and ship owners, charter operators, pilots, captains and mechanics, manufacturers and service providers and bus lines.

Our services contain legal aspects of ownership, financing and regulatory compliance of operations for fleets and registration of vessels and aircrafts, insurance, freight forwarding and services to ship and aircraft construction.

We deal with issues such as maritime, air and terrestrial transports of freight and people, storage and logistics services, local and international speed cargo and postal service providers, production, financing and collateralization of ships and aircrafts, licensing and certification of transportation vehicles and freight companies, freight insurance, port and customs transactions. Our clientele contains market players such as freight brokers, agents, ship and yacht builders, airlines, cargo companies, financing institutions and insurers.

Our attorneys assist for the drafting and execution of affreightment, liner, charterer, freight, warehousing, storage, agency and similar carriage, transport and logistics contracts. We support our clients for resolving issues such as sea damage, demurrage, bill of lading and bank letter of credit issues, collusion, cost of attack, cost of defense, pollution damages, single and cross liabilities, sister-ship clauses, insurance excess, franchise or deductibles, ship and aircraft mortgages, liens on freight, applications of INCOTERMS (ICC).

We also offer litigation and dispute resolution services for enforcement of transport and maritime claims, and ship and aircraft arrests before Courts, execution offices and arbitral tribunals.