Legal Publications

In addition to online introductory article distribution through our website, ADMD also engages itself with the help of various institutions and publication houses, to share knowledge and expertise of its members with interested parties and the public.

ADMD is in cooperation with Mondaq, an online publication and database serving as a comprehensive electronic resource for professional knowledge and expertise. Members of our office publish their articles for Mondaq users often. We also cooperate with other law firms from different jurisdictions to draft comparative studies for the purposes. Please check Mondaq's website at for more details.

We also collaborate with 'Getting the Deal Through' that provides international comparative guides to laws and regulations in 46 practice areas and more than 100 jurisdictions. Our members provide Turkish law insight for analysis and research. Please check their website at for more details.

Articles drafted by members of ADMD are often published by internationally recognized publication houses such as Oxford University Press, Thomson, Sweet & Maxwell, Law Business Research, Tax Planning International and Legalease. Please check our publications  section for more details.

Members of ADMD also support World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) with information and analysis specifically for 'Doing Business' reports published every year. Please check for more details.